Buckwheat pancakes

imageHappy sunny Sunday! It finally feels like Spring is, well, ‘springing’…

This morning we treated ourselves to some buckwheat pancakes…they are so easy to make and delicious!

In a large bowl put some buckwheat flour- I say some…I used about 250g.

Whisk in enough milk- I used hemp- until the mixture is about the thickness of double cream.

Heat a non-stick frying pan over a low-medium heat.

Ladel in small amounts of the pancake batter to the desired size- I made ours about the same size as Scotch pancakes, which makes them easier to turn over with the lack of oil.

When the top side looks as if bubbles have popped all over it, flip over for another minute or so.

Enjoy with whatever topping you fancy- we enjoyed lemon juice, Bo & Bel’s homemade blackberry jam and a sprinkle of Stevia, but these are great with savoury toppings too.

Have a lovely day 😊


2 thoughts on “Buckwheat pancakes

    1. Hi! Thank you for following me! Great to hear you follow OMS too! Ah, the non-stick pan…I believe mine is a Tefal one- it’s heavy- just from a supermarket; I think it cost about £22. It’s kept its non stick coating really well and the pancakes really just turn over easily- as long as I keep them small. I hope that helps ❤️

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