Oh my! Bakewell tart for breakfast!

Ok so this was a chance discovery this morning, which I got rather excited about!

It turned into an very British version of peanut butter and jelly on toast…

imageHomemade almond butter and strawberry jam on wholegrain toast- the surprise was how incredible the almond butter tastes. I’d made it a few weeks ago and left it in a Kilner jar in the cupboard, I’m not sure if that’s why the flavour has improved so much but it tastes like so super ‘almondy’.

Usually I find almonds taste ‘nice’, but lack that full flavour that you then increase with almond essence (barring the time I bought them from a market in Cyprus and they were the most delicious, sweet, almondy almonds I’ve ever tasted!) Not necessary with this stuff!

To make it I added a bag of raw, skin on almonds to my blender with a pinch of Himalayan salt and whizzed for around 5-10 minutes until it all came together, and magically transformed itself into butter. It’s as simple as that. The shop bought stuff has oil added and although this will be thicker and ‘drier’, you need less of it.

Spread it on the toast, add the jam of your choice and there you have it. You’re welcome.


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