Juice fast

I’ve been reading about juice fasts and the amazing health benefits of cleansing your body by eliminating all other foods for a period of time.

I decided to give it a go. On bank holiday weekend. Have I gone completely loopy? Perhaps. Yes…but then again, Bo and Bel are away this weekend, so I have no one to cook for AND three days off work. A three day fast. Surely I can manage that. And if I fail, well, it’s not like my diet is so bad anyway…and if I succeed, maybe I’ll feel great and do it again- or carry on for 10 days- hmmm, maybe that’s ambitious.

So, today is day one. My fridge is stocked with three HUGE bags of kale, apples, celery, cucumbers, carrots, ginger and lemons.

Here goes. I made a large batch of juice this morning- I drank my usual water with lemon first thing this morning, then had a juice at about 10.30- a large glassful.

 I went out, (drinking a few more glasses of water first) taking the other half of the juice with me, anticipating I’d be starving by lunchtime.

I have to say, I didn’t feel particularly hungry and ended up having the second half of my juice at about 3pm, whilst watching a couple of friends come through the 52km point on the Isle of Wight challenge event. http://www.isleofwightchallenge.com/

It’s now just gone 6pm and I’ve been guzzling water since I got back- just now I feel ready for my next juice.

I have an evening out planned with friends- mine will be fresh lime and soda- and will report back tomorrow on how day two goes…

Not too many adverse affects today- thought I might get a headache at one point-it didn’t materialise, other than that, just a couple of speedy visits to the ladies room! 

Have any of you tried a juice fast? I’d love to hear your stories ❤️


2 thoughts on “Juice fast

  1. Good for you Tamsin. Good luck with it.
    Would love to know how it makes to feel…
    Love from the mainland x💗x


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