Juice fast…day two

So, I’ve made it past the half way point! Last night I met friends at the pub and drank water with fresh lime and even went to the chip shop afterwards without resorting to eating food when I got home. I only had three juices yesterday and felt really thirsty, so drank a lot of water.

This morning I started off with some water and then my first juice at around 9.30. I made a large batch and headed out with a couple of friends for a five mile round walk from Godshill, to the Isle of Wight donkey sanctuary, who were having an open day.

It was a fantastically sunny, Springtime walk, with so many wild flowers to see. The Bluebells were particularly stunning.

Below, the picture of me is supposed to look like I’m holding up the fallen tree (if you turn the picture). An idea of my friend Ian. Looks a bit more
like a side plank, but anyway, I’m clearly not lacking  in energy! 

When we arrived at the donkey sanctuary, there was a great band playing and my friends ordered lunch at the café there. I think not being able to eat what most people eat when they go out is a real help on this fast!

 I got out my juice to comments of how gross it looked (like muddy river water) and carried on- to be fair, said commenter did taste it and said ‘it wasn’t too bad actually’…and is, in fact very supportive of my life changes (thank you Louise ❤️).

Then we petted a very lovely old donkey (in his 40’s!) and headed back along a slightly different route. The fields are full of lambs and the trees were glowing in the sunlight. I loved the Bluebell bank.

I’m feeling very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 
So- past the halfway point. One more day to go on this little challenge I’ve set myself. I’m wondering if I could carry this on for longer. On one hand I think I could, and I’d like to; on the other I’m imagining what food I’d like to eat first. Yesterday it was olives. Today it’s a big pile of steamed veggies, spinach and cauliflower in particular. In the woods today, I picked some wild garlic leaves, so they are high on the list too. 

It turns out this is as much of a mental challenge as anything, as every time I’m hungry, I fill my belly with water or juice. I think a longer meditation this evening will help. Also I’ve been listening to some interviews from the raw food summit, (an area I’ve become a lot more fascinated with and have signed up for a course) there’s a clinic in the States where people are treated for illnesses such as cancer, by completing long, water only fasts and then having a diet without sugar, oil or salt, with excellent results. We have already become a vegan, plant based, wholefood household but I think the next step is to aim for a much larger percentage raw food diet. Onwards! ❤️ until tomorrow…


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