Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m Tamsin, a single Mum, work full time as a chef and have two children, Bo & Bel

In January 2016 I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. After a lot of reading, I’ve been following a plant based diet, largely influenced by Australian George Jelinek’s programme called overcoming multiple sclerosis- http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.com

I started this programme on Boxing Day 2016 and while i don’t always get it 100% right, I focus on doing the best I can.





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi my name is hayley I’m 34 & have 3 children our eldest 18 middle 12 and youngest 4 , I was diagnosed few weeks ago after years of what I know know to be relapse’s! I have 10 lesions and several active just awaiting my next contrast mri & then got to be prepped ready for lemtrada treatment , I too live in Cowes 🙂 your blog is brilliant !! Thankyou for sharing , Hayley x


  2. Hi , no not as of yet but weirdly my diet took a complete turn around without me realise ing , the last couple weeks all I have been craving and being able to eat is fish any kind any way but only fish ! Odd to me as never been a fish fan :-0 but I will be having a read & thankyou again for sharing xx

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    1. Very interesting! Maybe you’re craving omega 3. Do read the research, it’s fascinating and a good place to start changes.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, thanks for following me ❤️


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